Administrative Officers and Staff

Mary C. Boyce

Daniel P. Alicea
Business Manager, Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering

Paula S. Anzer
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Rumana Ashraf
Coordinator, Grants and Contracts

Ellie Bastani
Assistant Director, Graduate Student Services

Vladimir Boucheu
Systems Administrator

Kimberly Bregenzer
Chief Financial Officer

Leora Brovman
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Student Affairs and Global Programs

Shih-Fu Chang
Senior Executive Vice Dean

Louis Cohen
Technical Specialist, Columbia Video Network

Timothy Cross
Advancement Communications Officer

Rafael A. Cruz
Financial Analyst

Patricia Culligan
Associate Director, Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering

Scott DeHart
Associate Director of Human Resources

Holly Evarts
Director, Strategic Communications and Media Relations

Michelle Failing
Associate Director, Web Communications

Melanie Farmer
Associate Director, Communications

Jennifer Feierman
Leadership Giving Officer, Engineering Fund

Emily Ford
Director of Outreach Programs

Katherine B. Hickey
Financial Support Specialist, Center for Computational Learning Systems

Zachary Howell
Leadership Giving Officer, Engineering Annual Fund

Idrija Ibrahimagic
Financial Coordinator, Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering

Jessie Jones
Administrative Assistant, Graduate Student Affairs

Soulaymane Kachani
Senior Vice Dean for Academic Programs

Margaret Kelly
Executive Director, Communications

Peggy Maher
Associate Dean of Advancement

Elizabeth Manchester
Alumni Programs Coordinator

Jessica L. Marinaccio
Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid

Kathleen McKeown
Director, Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering

Jocelyn Morales
Associate Director, Graduate Student Services

Jane Nisselson
Associate Director, Multimedia Communications

Quy O
Associate Director of Technology Services

Clarissa Peña
Student Services Officer, Graduate Student Affairs

Lourdes Pineiro
Development Assistant

DeShanda Porter
Financial Analyst

Alison Robbins
Assistant Director, Parents Fund

Ashley Robinson
Fund Coordinator

Israel Rodriguez
Facilities Manager

Elaine Rooney
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Nancy Rubin
Executive Director of Distance and Online Education

Starling Sawyer
Executive Director, Alumni Relations

Anthony Schmitt
Manager, Grants and Contracts

Ivy Schultz
Associate Director of Entrepreneurship Programs

Al Shahjahan
Associate Director of Production, Columbia Video Network

Tiffany M. Simon
Associate Dean of Graduate Student Affairs

David Simpson
Administrative Assistant

Michelle R. Stevenson
Coordinator, Columbia Video Network

Jessie Tong
Assistant Director of Academic Administration

Yannis P. Tsividis
Undergraduate Curriculum Adviser to the Dean

Jeffrey Urstadt
Manager of Payroll and Financial Aid

Jonathan Whitford
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations

Sofia Yagaeva
Assistant Director, Columbia Video Network

William Yandolino
Executive Director of Finance and Operations