Endowed Fellowships

All endowed fellowships are awarded annually to graduate students. Preference is given to students who serve as teaching assistants. Graduate students who qualify for these awards will be contacted directly for application materials.

H. Dean Baker Fellowship (1982)
Awarded to support deserving graduate students in mechanical engineering.

Boris A. Bakhmeteff Research Fellowship in Fluid Mechanics
Provides a stipend for the academic year, with tuition exemption to be arranged by the recipient’s department, to a candidate for a doctoral degree in any department at Columbia University whose research is in fluid mechanics.

Quincy Ward Boese Fellowships
Pre-doctoral fellowships for students studying under the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Roy S. Bonsib Memorial Fellowship (1957)
Awarded to worthy students for advanced study or research in engineering.

Arthur Brant Fellowship (1997)
Gift of Arthur Brant. Awarded to graduate students of the Henry Krumb School of Mines in the field of applied geophysics.

Samuel Willard Bridgham-William Petit Trowbridge Fellowship
A combined fellowship awarded annually for research.

Byron Fellowship (1980)
Bequest of Verna and Oscar Byron 1914.

William Campbell Fellowships for Encouraging Scientific Research
Four or five fellowships for research in the general field of metals.

Robert A.W. and Christine S. Carleton Fellowships in Civil Engineering
Fellowships awarded to students in the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics.

Chiang Chen Fellowship (2004)
Gift of the Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation. Awarded to students in mechanical engineering.

Professor Bergen Davis Fellowship
Gift of Dr. Samuel Ruben. To be awarded to a student in chemical engineering and applied chemistry upon the recommendation of the senior professor in chemical engineering active in electrochemistry research.

George W. Ellis Fellowships
Awarded annually for graduate study in any division of the University. Open to students who are residents of the state of Vermont or who have been graduated from a Vermont college or university.

Herbert French Fellowship (2010)
Bequest of Ralph S. French '42CC.

Michael Frydman Endowed Fellowship (2000)
Gift of Michael Frydman '83, '85. Designated to support a master's student in the M.S. program in financial engineering in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

Robert F. Gartland Fellowship
Gift of Robert Gartland '75. Designated to support students in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

GEM Fellowship
The GEM fellowship provides African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans access to graduate education. The fellowship includes tuition, fees, a stipend, and a paid summer internship. Applicants for this fellowship must be engineering or applied science majors.

Governor’s Committee on Scholarship Achievement
One year awards based on financial need. Renewal is based on academic progress, financial need, and availability of funds. The student applies directly to the GCSA; the awards are matched by the School and are not in supplement to initial School awards.

Carl Gryte Fellowship (2007)
Gift from friends of Professor Carl Campbell Gryte. Awarded to students who are studying chemical engineering.

Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Fellowships
Two fellowships for the study of engineering mechanics in the Institute of Flight Structures.

M. D. Hassialis Memorial Fellowship (2002)
Gift of former students of the late Krumb Professor Emeritus Hassialis. Awarded to students of the Henry Krumb School of Mines in the field of Earth resources economics and management.

Higgins Fellowships
Designated to support first-year graduate students.

Leta Stetter Hollingworth Fellowship
Gift of Harry L. Hollingworth in memory of his wife to support women who are graduates of the University of Nebraska, with preference given to those who were born in Nebraska or received their earlier education there.

Edward J. Ignall Research Fellowship
Gift of family, friends, and former students in memory of Professor J. Ignall. Awarded to encourage and help suppot the research activities of a graduate student in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

George M. Jaffin Fellowship
Awarded for graduate study and research leading to the Ph.D. degree in orthopedic biomechanics by the Department of Bioengineering of the Hospital for Joint Diseases, Orthopedic Institute, and the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Herbert H. Kellogg Fellowship (1988)
Funded by former students and friends of Professor Emeritus H. H. Kellogg and the generous contribution of Professor Kellogg. Awarded to students of mineral engineering and chemical metallurgy.

Otto Kress Fellowship (1990)
Bequest of Mrs. Florence T. Kress in memory of her husband, Otto Kress. Awarded to postgraduate students.

Henry Krumb Fellowships
Annual fellowships in mining engineering, metallurgy, and ore dressing.

John F. T. Kuo Fellowship (1992)
Established by Dr. I. J. Won and other students of Professor Emeritus Kuo for the support of graduate students in applied geophysics.

Charles and Sarah Lapple Fellowship (2004)
Bequest of Charles ’36, ’37 and Sarah Lapple. Awarded to support deserving students in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Kuo and Grace Li Memorial Fellowship (1993)
Gift from the Li Foundation Inc. Awarded to students interested in mining, mineral resources, metallurgy, and materials science.

Ralph H. McKee Fellowship (1979)
Bequest of Ralph H. Mckee to support fellowships in the fields of mathematics or chemical engineering.

Walter Mielziner Fellowship (2011)
Bequest of Walter Mielziner ‘49 to support fellowships for students studying computer science, automatic controls or communications.

Benjamin Miller Memorial Fellowship
Awarded to a student in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Preference is given to students concerned with work in government-industry regulatory policy, procurement procedures and trade regulations.

Nicholaus Fellowship
Gift of Nicholas Nickolaus ’50. Preference is given to Greek students.

Anthony Pesco Fellowship (2006)
Gift of Dr. Anthony Pesco ’82, ’83, ’87 to support students in the Chemical Engineering Department who wish to pursue careers in academia.

Presidential Distinguished Fellowships
These fellowships are awarded annually to selected incoming Ph.D., Eng. Sc.D., and master’s/Ph.D. students. Fellowships include tuition plus an annual stipend of $24,000 for up to four years, including three months of summer research. All applications for admission are considered for these new fellowships.

Bernard R. Queneau Fellowship
Gift of Bernard R. Queneau ’32CC, ’33. Awarded to a student in the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering.

David M. Rickey Endowed Fellowship (2000)
Gift of David M. Rickey ’79. Awarded to students studying electrical engineering under the holder of the David M. Rickey Professorship.

Lydia C. Roberts Graduate Fellowships
Open to persons born in Iowa who have been graduated from an Iowa college or university. In addition to the stipend, the fellow is reimbursed the cost of traveling once from Iowa to New York City and back. Special provisions: holders may not concentrate their studies in law, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or theology, and each holder must, when accepting the award, state that it is his or her purpose to return to Iowa for at least two years after completing studies at Columbia; holders are eligible for reappointment.

Samuel N.Rubinstein Endowed Fellowship (2005)
Bequest of Leo Rubinstein ’63 and gift of Frederick Rubinstein. Awarded to students studying applied mathematics or industrial design.

Frank E. Stinchfield Fellowship in Orthopedic Biomechanics
Awarded for graduate study and research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering through the Orthopedic Research Laboratory of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, College of Physicians and Surgeons, it carries tuition exemption and a twelvemonth stipend of up to $15,000.

Nickolas and Liliana Themelis Fellowship in Earth and Environmental Engineering (2000)
Gift of Nickolas and Liliana Themelis to support students in the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering.

Erwin S. and Rose F. Wolfson Memorial Engineering Fellowship (1979)
Gift of Erwin S. and Rose F. Wolfson.