Master of Science Degree

Candidates for the M.S. degree in electrical engineering must complete 30 points of credit beyond the bachelor’s degree. A minimum of 15 points of credit must be at the 6000 level or higher. No credit will be allowed for undergraduate courses (3000 or lower).

At least 15 points must be in Electrical Engineering, as defined at Courses to be credited toward the M.S. degree can be taken only upon prior approval of a faculty adviser in the Department of Electrical Engineering. This applies to the summer session as well as the autumn and spring terms.

Certain 4000-level courses will not be credited toward the M.S. degree, and no more than 6 points of research may be taken for credit. Up to 3 points of credit for approved graduate courses outside of engineering and science may be allowed. The general school requirements listed earlier in this bulletin, such as minimum GPA, must also be satisfied. All degree requirements must be completed within five years of the beginning of the first course credited toward the degree.

More details and a checklist for adviser approvals can be found at