Minor in Economics

1. ECON W1105: Principles of economics

2. ECON W3211: Intermediate microeconomics

3. ECON W3213: Intermediate macroeconomics

4. ECON W3412: Introduction to econometrics

Note: W1105 is a prerequisite for W3211, W3213, and W3412. Students must have completed Calculus I before taking W3213, Calculus III before taking W3211, and one of the introductory statistics courses (see list) before taking W3412.

5– 6. Electives: Two of the following courses:
      ECON W2257: Global economy
      ECON W4280: Corporate finance
      ECON V3025: Financial economics
      ECON V3265: Econ of money and banking
      ECON W4020: Econ of uncertainty and info
      ECON W4080: Globalization, incomes and inequality
      ECON W4211: Advanced microeconomics
      ECON W4213: Advanced macroeconomics
      ECON W4228: Urban economics
      ECON G4235: Historical foundations of modern economics
      ECON W4251: Industrial organization
      ECON G4301: Economic growth and develop
      ECON W4321: Economic development
      ECON W4329: Economics of sustainable develop
      ECON W4345: World economic problems
      ECON W4370: Political economy
      ECON W4400: Labor economics
      ECON W4412: Advanced econometrics
      ECON W4415: Game theory
      ECON W4438: Economics of race in the US
      ECON W4457: Industrial organization of art, entertainment and communications
      ECON W4465: Public economics
      ECON W4480: Gender and applied economics
      ECON W4490: Economics of the Internet
      ECON W4500: International trade
      ECON W4505: Int’l monetary theory and policy
      ECON W4615: Law and economics
      ECON W4625: Economics of the environment
      ECON W4750: Globalization and its risks

Note: Electives may be taken only after the completion of both W3211 and W3213, with the exception of W2257, which may be taken after completion of W1105. Some of the elective courses listed above have additional prerequisites. Courses may be taken only after the completion of all prerequisites. Please see the Columbia College bulletin for course descriptions and complete lists of prerequisites.

7. Statistics: One of the following three probability and statistics options (course or sequence):
     a. SIEO W3600 (or W4150): Intro to probability and statistics
     b. IEOR E3658: Probablity and E4307: Applied statistical models
     c. STAT W3105 (or W4105): Intro to probability and statistics and STAT W3107 (or W4107): Stat inference


  • The statistics course must be finished before taking W3412, and it is recommended that students take W3412 in the semester following the statistics course.
  • Some courses done as part of the economics minor may count toward fulfilling the School’s nontechnical requirements. However, other courses, such as W3412: Intro to econometrics, may not be applied toward satisfaction of the nontechnical course requirements. To determine which economic class can count toward the nontech elective requirement, please consult the nontech elective section of this bulletin for further details.
  • Students with AP credit for economics and an exemption for W1105 may use the credit toward the minor.
  • Transfer or study abroad credits may not be applied to fulfill the requirements of the economics minor.