Track 1: Foundations of CS Track

The foundations track is suitable for students who are interested in algorithms, computational complexity, and other areas of theoretical Computer Science. Register for track course COMS E0001.

REQUIRED: 6 points
   CSOR W4231: Analysis of algorithms
   COMS W4236: Introduction to computational complexity

ELECTIVES: 15 points from the following list:
   MATH UN3020: Number theory and cryptography
   MATH UN3025: 
Making, breaking codes
   COMS W3902: 
Undergraduate thesis*
   COMS W3998: 
Projects in Computer Science*
   COMS W4203: 
Graph theory
   MATH GU4032: 
Fourier analysis
   MATH GU4041: 
Introduction to modern algebra I
   MATH GU4042: 
Introduction to modern algebra II
   MATH GU4061: 
Introduction to modern analysis I
   MATH GU4155: 
Probability theory
   COMS W4252: 
Computational learning theory
   COMS W4261: 
Introduction to cryptography
   APMA E4300: 
Numerical methods
   IEOR E4407: 
Game theoretic models of operation
   PHIL GU4431: 
Set theory
   CSPH GU4801: 
Mathematical logic I
   CSPH GU4802: 
Mathematical logic II: incompleteness
   COMS W4901: 
Projects in Computer Science*
   COMS W4995: 
Special topics in computer science, I*

   COMS E6232: Analysis of algorithms, II
   COMS E6261: 
Advanced cryptography
   IEOR E6400: 
Scheduling: deterministic models
   IEOR E6603: 
Combinatorial optimization
   IEOR E6606: 
Advanced topics in network flows
   IEOR E6608: 
Integer programming
   IEOR E6610: 
Approximation algorithms
   EEOR E6616: 
Convex optimization
   IEOR E6613: 
Optimization I (4.5)
   IEOR E6614: 
Optimization II (4.5)
   IEOR E6711: 
Stochastic models I
   IEOR E6712: 
Stochastic models II
   ELEN E6717: 
Information theory
   ELEN E6718: 
Algebraic coding theory
   ELEN 6970: 
Resource allocation and networking games
   COMS E6998: 
Topics in Computer Science*

*With adviser approval, may be repeated for credit


Note: No more than 6 units of project/thesis courses (COMS W3902, W3998, ) can count toward the major.

Students who declared their Computer Science major prior to Fall 2016 may also count COMS W4241, W4205, W4281, W4444, W4771, and W4772 as elective courses.