Track 6: Digital Systems Track

The digital systems track is for students interested in working at the interface of hardware and software. Subjects include digital design, computer architecture (both sequential and parallel) and embedded systems. Register for track course COMS E0006.

REQUIRED: 3 points
   CSEE W4824: Computer architecture

Plus 3 points from:
   EECS E4340: Computer hardware design
   CSEE W4823: Advanced logic design
   CSEE W4840: Embedded systems

Plus 3 points from:
   COMS W4115: Programming languages and translators
   COMS W4118: Operating systems
   COMS W4130: Parallel programming

ELECTIVES: 12 points from the following list:
   COMS W3902: Undergraduate thesis
   COMS E3998: Undergraduate projects in computer science
   Any COMS/CSEE W41xx course
   Any COMS/CSEE W48xx course
   COMS E4901: Projects in computer science
   CSEE E6824: Parallel computer architecture*
   CSEE E6827: Distributed embedded systems*
   CSEE E6861: CAD of digital systems*
   CSEE E6868: System-on-chip platforms

*With adviser approval, may be repeated for credit

Note: No more than 6 units of project/thesis courses (COMS W3902, W3998, W4901) can count toward the track.