The 4-2 Master of Science Program

The 4-2 Master of Science Program provides the opportunity for students holding bachelor’s degrees from affiliated liberal arts colleges (see the listing under the heading The Combined Plan Program with Other Affiliated Colleges) with majors in mathematics, physics, chemistry, or certain other physical sciences to receive the M.S. degree after two years of study at Columbia in the following fields of engineering and applied science: biomedical, chemical, civil, earth and environmental, electrical, industrial, and mechanical engineering; applied physics; applied mathematics; engineering mechanics; operations research; and materials science.

Each applicant must produce evidence of an outstanding undergraduate record, including superior performance in physics and mathematics through differential equations. The program of study will be individually designed in consultation with a faculty adviser and will integrate undergraduate work with the field of engineering or applied science the student chooses to follow. During the first year, the program will consist primarily of basic undergraduate courses; during the second year, of graduate courses in the selected field. The student must complete at least 30 credits of graduate study to qualify for the degree.

A student whose background may require supplementary preparation in some specific area, or who has been out of school for a considerable period, will have to carry a heavier than normal course load or extend the program beyond two years.

Graduates of the 4-2 Master of Science program may not be eligible to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam if their undergraduate degree is not in engineering or a related field. Students should also check with individual state boards to determine eligibility requirements for employment..

Please contact the Office of Engineering Student Affairs, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, 530 S.W. Mudd, MC 4718, 500 West 120th Street, New York, NY 10027; you should also contact your home institution’s Combined Plan liaison for program information. You may, in addition, e-mail questions to [email protected].