About the School

A Message From The Dean

Welcome to Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. Together with a talented group of students from around the world, you are embarking on a course of study that will enable you to become the next generation of leaders—leaders with a foundational degree in engineering that will prepare you for a wealth of pursuits in engineering and applied science, as well as many other fields and industries.

Our community has a long history of scientific and engineering breakthroughs that have impacted our world. From the School’s beginning in 1864 through today, the work of faculty, alumni, and students has pushed disciplinary frontiers to create, invent, and innovate devices, materials, tools, and processes to make life better.

Our first dean, Charles Frederick Chandler, served as president of New York City’s Metropolitan Board of Health. In this role, he crusaded to ensure the purity of food and drugs, the safety of milk, the availability of clean water in the city, and the introduction of building codes.

Today, we continue to be a School embedded in our community while cultivating a global mindset that is mindful of the ways in which we are all connected. Our faculty and students continue to bring their curiosity, creative drive, and entrepreneurial spirit to some of the biggest challenges of our time. Our school vision—Columbia Engineering for Humanity—encapsulates our efforts to make a positive impact on society. It highlights the innovative and interdisciplinary work that our faculty and students are engaged in to create a more sustainable, healthy, secure, connected, creative, and equitable world.

As you prepare for a new academic year, we urge you to reflect on this vision and embrace the many opportunities afforded to you by a world-class university.

There has never been a better time to be a Columbia Engineer. I encourage you to seek out the exceptional opportunities for learning and advancement that await you here.

With best wishes for the academic year,

Shih-Fu Chang
Interim Dean, Columbia Engineering
Richard Dicker Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science