Administrative Officers and Staff

Mary C. Boyce

Rumana Ashraf
Manager, Grants and Contracts

Mark Beer
Systems Engineer

Leora Brovman
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Student Affairs and Global Programs

Shih-Fu Chang
Senior Executive Vice Dean

Tom Chow
Director of IT

Gerald Cotiango
Career Placement Officer, Business Analytics

Ralph Cruz
Assistant Director of Procurement and Compliance

Julianne Del Gatto
Human Resources Generalist

Ivy Elkins
Career Placement Officer, Computer Science 

Allison Elliott
Communications Writer

Holly Evarts
Director, Strategic Communications and Media Relations

Mindy Farabee
Associate Director, Communications

Jennifer Feierman
Major Gifts Officer

Rachel Fitzgerald
Facilities Coordinator

Genevieve Fleming
Special Projects Manager

Emily Ford
Director of Outreach Programs and Special Projects

Gabrielle Gannon
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions

Kathleen Gay
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions

Mercedes Gomez
Career Placement Officer, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Tamar Hofer
Associate Director of Career Placement, Financial Engineering

Zachary Howell
Director of Major Gifts, Alumni Relations

Shu-Yi Hsu
Instructional Technologist, Columbia Video Network

Margaret Hughes
Stewardship Officer

Joanne M. Hvala
Senior Director, Communications

Shadman Islem
Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Soulaymane Kachani
Senior Vice Dean

Irina Katz
Career Placement Officer, Chemical Engineering and Earth &
 Environment Engineering

Asha Kaufman
Director of Annual Giving

Leander Keizer
Video Editor, Columbia Video Network

Christian Kmetz
Assistant Production Manager, Columbia Video Network

Jackson Lau
System Administrator

Abby Lee
Video Producer, Columbia Video Network

Mindi Levinson
Associate Director of Career Placement, Management Science &

Raaya Lewis
Recruitment and Marketing Manager

Christina Liu
Reunion Coordinator

Jenny Mak
Executive Director, Graduate Career Placement and Professional Development and Leadership

Jessica L. Marinaccio
Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid

Liam Maserjian
Assistant Production Manager, CVN

Betty Matias
Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services

Neil McClure
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Human Resources

Emily Anne McCormack
Career Placement Officer, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Joan McDowell
 Resources Manager

Theresa A. McKenzie
Associate Director of Budget and Finance

Alexis Moore
Assistant Director of Academic Administration

Barclay Morrison
Vice Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Jane Nisselson
Associate Director, Multimedia Communications

Martin Nolan
Facilities Project Engineer

Merrell Norden
Course Designer

Quy O
Associate Director of Technology Services

Timothy J. O'Neill
Associate Director of Web Communication

Timur Pakay
Associate Director of Executive Education Programs

Dylan Pappas
Senior Financial Analyst

Kayla Quinnies
Outreach Program Manager

Axinia Radeva
Systems Administrator


Madeline Ramos
Faculty Affairs Officer

Raina Ranaghan
Career Placement Officer, Electrical Engineering

Israel Rodriguez
Facilities Manager

Alvaro Rojas-Caamano
Associate Director of Graduate Student Services

Stan Sakry
Director of Facilities and Space Planning

Starling Sawyer
Executive Director of Alumni Relations

Anthony Schmitt
Manager, Grants and Contracts, Pre-Award

Ivy Schultz
Associate Director of Entrepreneurship Programs

Esther Schwartz
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Alexis Seeley
Executive Director of CVN and Associate Dean of Online Learning

Tiffany M. Simon
Associate Dean of Graduate Student Affairs

David Simpson
Administrative Assistant

Michelle R. Stevenson
Coordinator, Columbia Video Network

Elizabeth Strauss
Associate Director of Professional Development &

Maura Swisher
Financial Coordinator

Malcom Thaxton
Financial Coordinator

Dario Vasquez
I-Corps Program Coordinator

Tania Velimirovici
Academic Programs and Special Projects Manager

Emma Williams
Alumni Program Coordinator

Sofia Yagaeva
Assistant Director, Columbia Video Network

William Yandolino
Executive Director of Finance and Operations

Marina Zamalin
Associate Director of Online Learning, Columbia Video Network