Graduate Program

The Computer Engineering Program offers a course of study leading to the degree of Master of Science (M.S.). The basic courses in the M.S. program come from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Departments. Students completing the program are prepared to work (or study further) in such fields as digital computer design, digital communications, and the design of embedded computer systems.

Applicants are generally expected to have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science, or electrical engineering with at least a 3.2 GPA in technical courses. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE), General Test only, is required of all applicants.

Students must take at least 30 points of courses at Columbia University at or above the 4000 level. These must include at least 15 points from the courses listed below that are deemed core to computer engineering. Other courses may be chosen with the prior approval of a faculty adviser in the Computer Engineering Program.

M.S. students must complete the professional development and leadership course, ENGI E4000, as a graduation requirement. Ph.D. candidates are strongly encouraged to complete the course.

Core Computer Engineering Courses
CSEE W4119: Computer networks
CSEE W4140: Networking laboratory
EECS E4321: Digital VLSI circuits
EECS E4750: Hybrid comp. for sig. & data proc.
EECS E4764: Iot-intelligent & connected sys.
CSEE W4823: Advanced logic design
CSEE W4824: Computer architecture
CSEE W4840: Embedded systems
CSEE W4868: Systems-on-chip platforms
EECS E4951: Wireless networks & systems
EECS E6180: Modeling and performance evaluation
EECS E6321: Advanced digital electronic circuits
COMS E6424: Hardware security
CSEE E6863: Formal verification of hardware/software systems
CSEE E6868: Embedded scalable platforms
EECS E6890: Advanced computer networks
EECS E6897: Distributed storage systems
COMS W6998: Topics in computer science: Data center networks

The overall program must include at least 12 points of 6000-level ELEN, EECS, CSEE, or COMS courses (exclusive of seminars). No more than 9 points of research may be taken for credit. No more than 3 points of a nontechnical elective (at or above the 4000 level and with adviser approval) may be included. A minimum GPA of at least 2.7 must be maintained, and all degree requirements must be completed within five years of the beginning of the first course credited toward the degree.