Graduate Student Services

The Office of Graduate Student Affairs at The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science is integral to the School’s teaching, research, and service mission and works to enhance the educational opportunities available to students. This office provides leadership for the integration of educational programs and services that enhance recruitment, retention, and quality of campus life for graduate students at Columbia Engineering. It strives to demonstrate sensitivity and concern in addressing the needs of the School’s population. The office is dedicated to providing service to prospective, new, and continuing students pursuing a graduate education in engineering or applied science.


Graduate Orientation

All new graduate students participate in orientation. During Welcome Day and Month, new graduate students learn about various School and University resources, policies and procedures, and other essential information to assist them with their transition to the graduate program. Orientation for new graduate students starting their program of study in the fall term begins in mid-August.

In addition to providing information on university resources and policies, students engage in cultural, social, and professional networking activities. Through these activities graduate students are encouraged to connect with their peers, acclimate to the campus and New York City as well as develop their professional portfolios. The Office of Graduate Student Affairs strongly believes that orientation serves as a vehicle in onboarding our graduate students into an active and engaging student life experience at Columbia.


Graduate Student Organizations

Columbia University graduate students can participate in and enjoy hundreds of diverse, University-affiliated social, religious, cultural, academic, athletic, political, literary, professional, public service, and other organizations. At Columbia Engineering, graduate students are encouraged to become active members of the Engineering Graduate Student Council (EGSC). The EGSC is a recognized group that consists of representatives from each of the nine academic departments at Columbia Engineering. The objectives of the EGSC are to foster interaction among graduate engineering students, to serve as a voice for graduate engineering students, and to sponsor social and educational events of interest to the graduate engineering community.


Graduate Judicial Affairs

The Office of Graduate Student Affairs is responsible for assisting graduate students with upholding academic and community standards. The office provides mandatory academic integrity training for graduate students and is responsible for the Dean’s Discipline process.