Liberal Arts Core: 27-Point Nontechnical Requirement

This requirement provides a broad liberal arts component that enhances the Engineering professional curriculum to help students meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. Our students are destined to be leaders in their professions and will require sophisticated communication, planning, and management skills. The Committee on Instruction established the School’s nontechnical requirement so that students would learn perspectives and principles of the humanities and social sciences as part of a well-rounded and multiperspective education. Through discussion, debate, and writing, students improve their abilities to engage in ethical, analytic, discursive, and imaginative thinking that will prove indispensable later in life.

  • Engineering students must take 16 to 18 points of credit of required courses in list A and 9 to 11 elective points chosen from the approved courses in list B. The total combined number of nontechnical points (from lists A and B) must add up to at least 27. Neither list can be modified by advising deans or faculty advisers.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) credit in appropriate subject areas can be applied toward the 9-point elective nontechnical requirement and for Principles of Economics.

If electing Global Core, students must take two courses from the List of Approved Courses for a letter grade.