Minor in Applied Physics

Prospective students should consult the first- and second-year requirements for applied physics majors to ensure that prerequisites for the applied physics minor are satisfied in the first two years.

Coursework counting toward the applied physics minor may not include advanced placement credits.

1. APPH E4901: Problems in applied physics (1)

2. APPH E3200: Mechanics (3)

3. APPH E3100: Intro to quantum mechanics (3)

4. APPH E3300: Applied electromagnetism (3)

5. MSAE E3111: Thermodynamics, kinetic theory, and statistical mechanics (3)

6. Two of the following courses
     APPH E4010: Intro to nuclear science (3)
     APPH E4100: Quantum physics of matter (3)
     APPH E4110: Modern optics (3)
     APPH E4112: Laser physics (3)
     APPH E4300: Applied electrodynamics (3)
     APPH E4301: Intro to plasma physics (3)