Minor in Chemical Engineering

Of the six courses required, at least three must have the CHEN, CHEE, or CHAP designator:

1. CHEN E2100: Intro to chemical engineering (3)

2. CHEE E3010: Principles of chemical engineering thermodynamics (3)
    or MSAE E3111: Thermodynamics, kinetic theory, and statistical mechanics (3)
    or MECE E3301: Thermodynamics (3)
    or BMEN E4210: Thermodynamics of biological systems (3)

3. CHEN E3110: Transport phenomena, I (3)
    or EAEE E4900: Applied transport and chemical rate phenomena (3)
    or MECE E3100: Intro to mechanics of fluids (3)
    or ENME E3161: Fluid mechanics (4)
    or BMEN E3220: Fluid biomechanics (4)

4. CHEN E4230: Reaction kinetics and reactor design (3)

5–6. Two of the following courses:
     Any 3000-level or higher CHEN or cross-listed (CHAP, BMCH, CHEE, CHBM, CHOR, MECH) course