MInor in Dance

The dance minor consists of five 3-point courses. Please note that no performance/choreography courses below count toward the nontech requirement for Engineering students.

1–2. History/criticism: Two of the following:
     DNCE BC2565: World dance history
     DNCE BC2570: Dance in New York City
     DNCE BC2575: Choreography for the American musical
     DNCE BC3000: From the page to the dance stage
     DNCE BC3001: Western theatrical dance from the Renaissance to the 1960s
     DNCE BC3200: Dance in film
     DNCE BC3567: Dance of India 
     DNCE BC3570: Latin American and Caribbean dance  
     DNCE BC3576: Dance criticism
     DNCE BC3577: Performing the political
     DNCE BC3578: Traditions of African-American dance

3–4. Performance/choreography: Two of the following:
     DNCE BC2563: Dance composition: form
     DNCE BC2564: Dance composition: content
     DNCE BC2567: Music for dance
     DNCE BC2580: Tap as an American art form
     DNCE BC3565: Composition: collaboration and the creative process
     DNCE BC3601-3604: Rehearsal and performance in dance

5. One elective