Minor in Earth and Environmental Engineering

1–3. Three of the following courses:
     EAEE E3103: Energy, minerals, and material systems (3)
     CIEE E3255: Environmental control and pollution reduction systems (3)
     EAEE E4001: Industrial ecology of Earth res (3)
     EAEE E4003: Intro to aquatic chemistry (3)
     EAEE E4004: Physical processing and recovery of solids (3)
     EAEE E4006: Field methods for environ engineering (3)
     EAEE E4009: GIS for resource, environment, and infrastructure management (3)
     EAEE E4150: Air pollution prevention and control (3)
     EAEE E4160: Solids and hazardous waste management (3)
     EAEE E4200: Introduction to sustainable production of Earth mineral & metal resources (3)
     EAEE E4257: Environ data analysis and modeling (3)
     EAEE E4361: Econ of Earth res industries (3)
     EACH E4560: Particle technology (3)

4–6. Three of the following courses:
     CHEE E3010: Principles of chemical engineering thermodynamics (3)
     CHEE E3110:
Transport phenomena, I (3)
  CIEN E3141: Soil mechanics (3)
     CIEE E3250: Hydrosystems engineering (3)
     ECIA W4100: Management and dev of water systems (3)
     CIEE E4163: Environmental engineering: wastewater (3)
     EAEE E4190: Photovoltaic systems engineering (3)
     MECE E4211: Energy: sources and conv (3)
     CIEN E4250: Waste contain design and practice (3)
     CHEE E4252: Introduction to surface and colloid chemistry (3)
     CIEE E4252: Environmental engineering (3)
     CIEE E4257: Groundwater containment transport and remediation (3)
     CHEN E4410: Environmental and control technology (3)