Minor in Engineering Mechanics

1. ENME E3105: Mechanics (4)

2. ENME E3113: Mechanics of solids (3)

3. ENME E3161: Fluid mechanics (4)
    or MECE E3100: Intro to mech of fluids (3)

4–6. Electives: Three of the following
     ENME E3106: Dynamics and vibrations (3)
     ENME E3114: Exp mechanics of materials (4)
     or MECE E3414: Adv strength of materials (3)
     CIEN E3121: Structural analysis (3)
     ENME E4202: Advanced mechanics (3)
     ENME E4113: Advanced mechanics of solids (3)
     ENME E4114: Mech of fracture and fatigue (3)
     ENME E4214: Theory of plates and shells (3)
     ENME E4215: Theory of vibrations (3)
     MECE E3301: Thermodynamics (3)