Minor in Mechanical Engineering

1–4. Four of the following courses:
     MECE E3100: Intro to mechanics of fluids (3)
     or ENME E3161: Fluid mechanics (4)
     or CHEN E3110: Transport phenomena, I (3)
     or EAEE E4900: App transport and chemical rate phenomena (3)
     ENME E3105: Mechanics (4)
     MECE E3301: Thermodynamics (3)
     or CHEE E3010: Principles of chemical engineering thermodynamics (3)
     or MSAE E3111: Thermodynamics, kinetic theory, and statistical mechanics (3)
     ENME E3113: Mechanics of solids (3)
     MECE E3408: Comp graphics and design (3)
     MECE E3311: Heat transfer (3)
     MECE E3610: Manufacturing processes (3)
     MECE E3409: Machine design (3)
     EEME E3601: Classical control systems (3)

5–6. Electives: Two additional mechanical engineering courses from either the above list or the following (not all courses in this list are given every year):
     MECE E3401: Mechanics of machines (3)
     MECE E3450: Computer-aided design (3)
     MECE E4058: Mechatronics and embedded microcomputer control (3)
     MECE E4100: Mechanics of fluids (3)
     MECE E4211: Energy: sources and conversion (3)
     MECE E4212: Microelectromechanical sys (3)
     MECE E4302: Advanced thermodynamics (3)
     MECE E4404: Tribology (3)
     MECE E4501: Geometrical modeling (3)
     MECE E4502: Comp geometry for CAD/CAM (3)
     EEME E4601: Digital control systems (3)
     MECE E4602: Intro to robotics (3)
     MECE E4604: Product design for manufact (3)
     MECE E4609: Computer-aided manufacturing (3)
     MECE E4610: Adv manufacturing processes (3)

Note: Equivalent substitution courses require the approval of the Mechanical Engineering Advisor.