Minor in Sustainable Engineering

Total of six courses from the following lists required with no substitutions allowed:

1–4. Four of the following courses:
     EAEE E2002: Alternative energy sources
     EAEE E2100: Better planet by design
     CIEE E3250: Hydrosystems engineering
     CIEE E3260: Eng for comm dev
     EAEE E3901: Environmental microbiology
     EAEE E4001: Industrial ecology
     ECIA W4100: Mgmt and dev of water systems
     APPH E4130: Physics of solar energy
     EAEE E4190: Photovoltaic systems eng and sustainability
     MECE E4211: Energy sources and conversion
     MECE E4257: Environmental data analysis
     MECE E4312: Solar thermal engineering
     MECE E4314: Dynamics of green buildings
     EESC GU4404: Regional climate and climate impacts

5. One of the following courses:
     ECON UN2257: Global economy
     PLAN A4151: Found of urban economic analysis
     PLAN A4304: Intro to housing
     ECON UN4321: Economic development
     ECON GU4527: Econ org and develop of China
     PLAN A4579: Intro to environmental planning  
     ECON GU4625: Economics of the environment

6. One of the following courses:
     POLS UN3212: Environmental politics
     POLS UN3213: American urban politics
     SOCI UN3235: Social movements
     SOCI UN3324: Global urbanism

Note: If courses in Group 5 or 6 are not available, requesting approval for a similar course from the groups "Economics" or "Law, Policy and Human Rights," respectively from the Columbia College Sustainable Development course list is possible.