Office of the University Chaplain

Columbia is home to a community of scholars, students, and staff from many different religious backgrounds. The Office of the University Chaplain ministers to their individual faiths and supports individual spirituality, while promoting interreligious understanding. The University Chaplain oversees the work of the United Campus Ministries—a fellowship of more than twenty religious life advisers representing specific faith traditions. The University Chaplain also fosters learning through spiritual, ethical, religious, political, and cultural exchanges and hosts programs on matters of justice, faith, and spirituality. Through these and other means, the Office of the University Chaplain cultivates interfaith and intercultural awareness. The University Chaplain is available for confidential pastoral counseling to individuals, couples, and families in the Columbia University community. The Office of the University Chaplain may also assist with private ceremonies such as weddings, christenings, and memorial services. We warmly welcome your interest, questions, and participation. For more information, please call the Earl Hall Center at 212-854-1474 or 212-854-6242 or visit