The IEOR Department offers two Ph.D. programs in (1) Industrial Engineering; and (2) Operations Research. The requirements for the Ph.D. in industrial engineering and operations research are identical. Both programs require the student to complete the qualifying procedure and submit and defend a dissertation based on the candidate's original research, conducted under the supervision of the faculty. The dissertation work may be theoretical or computational or both.

The qualifying procedure consists of three components, including: (1) complete the four core courses during the first year, with an average grade of A- or above; (2) conduct research during the first summer (ideally starting in Spring or earlier) and present it in a department seminar at the beginning of the third semester; and (3) submit a research report (paper) at the end of the third semester. Students will be reviewed after each component. Students will be reviewed after each component. A student who fails to complete component (1) may be asked to withdraw from the program at the end of the first year. A student who successfully completes component (1) will typically move on to do summer research, advised by a faculty member in the IEOR department. In the rare instance that the PhD Committee is dissatisfied with a student's performance in components (2) and (3), they may be asked to withdraw from the program at the end of the second year.

Doctoral students are also required to take 4 additional PhD level courses (possibly in other departments) during the course of the PhD. Research credits (IEOR E9101) do not count towards this requirement. It is important to select courses you find interesting while considering your background and in consultation with your academic advisor. Students can consider courses from other Departments including Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics, and Decision Risk and Operations. Doctoral candidates must obtain a minimum of 60 points of formal course credit beyond the bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree from an accredited institution may be accepted as equivalent to 30 points. A minimum of 30 points beyond the master’s degree must be earned while in residence in the doctoral program. Detailed information regarding the requirements for the doctoral degree may be obtained in the Department office and on IEOR website.