Track 1: Foundations of CS Track

The foundations track is suitable for students who are interested in algorithms, computational complexity, and other areas of theoretical Computer Science. 

REQUIRED: 6 points
   CSOR W4231: Analysis of algorithms
   COMS W4236: Introduction to computational complexity

ELECTIVES: 15 points from the following list:
   MATH UN3020: Number theory and cryptography
   MATH UN3025: 
Making, breaking codes
   COMS W3902: 
Undergraduate thesis*
   COMS W3998: 
Projects in Computer Science*
   COMS W4203: 
Graph theory
   MATH GU4032: 
Fourier analysis
   MATH GU4041: 
Introduction to modern algebra I
   MATH GU4042: 
Introduction to modern algebra II
   MATH GU4061: 
Introduction to modern analysis I
   MATH GU4155: 
Probability theory
   COMS W4252: 
Computational learning theory
   COMS W4261: 
Introduction to cryptography
   APMA E4300: 
Numerical methods
   IEOR E4407: 
Game theoretic models of operation
   PHIL GU4431: 
Set theory
   CSPH GU4801: 
Mathematical logic I
   CSPH GU4802: 
Mathematical logic II: incompleteness
   COMS W4901: 
Projects in Computer Science*
   COMS W4995- W4996: 
Special topics in computer science, I and II (with adviser approval)*

   COMS E6232: Analysis of algorithms, II
   COMS E6261: 
Advanced cryptography
   IEOR E6400: 
Scheduling: deterministic models
   IEOR E6603: 
Combinatorial optimization
   IEOR E6606: 
Advanced topics in network flows
   IEOR E6608: 
Integer programming
   IEOR E6610: 
Approximation algorithms
   EEOR E6616: 
Convex optimization
   IEOR E6613: 
Optimization I (4.5)
   IEOR E6614: 
Optimization II (4.5)
   IEOR E6711: 
Stochastic models I
   IEOR E6712: 
Stochastic models II
   ELEN E6717: 
Information theory
   ELEN E6718: 
Algebraic coding theory
   ELEN 6970: 
Resource allocation and networking games
   COMS E6998-6999: 
Topics in computer science, I and II (with adviser approval)*

*With adviser approval, may be repeated for credit

Note: No more than 6 points of project/thesis courses (COMS W3902, W3998, ) can count toward the major.

Students who declared their Computer Science major prior to Fall 2016 may also count COMS W4241, W4205, W4281, W4444, W4771, and W4772 as elective courses.