Track 3: Intelligent Systems Track

The intelligent systems track is for students interested in machine learning, robots, and systems capable of exhibiting “human-like” intelligence. A total of seven required breadth and elective courses are to be chosen from the following schedule. 

9 Points from:
   COMS W4701: Artificial intelligence
   COMS W4705: Natural language processing
   COMS W4706: Spoken language processing
   COMS W4731: Computer vision
   COMS W4733: Computational aspects of robotics
   COMS W4771: Machine learning

ELECTIVES: 12 points required
Up to 12 points from the following list:
   COMS W4165: Pixel processing
   COMS W4252: Computational learning theory
   Any COMS W47xx course if not used as a required course
   COMS W4995-W4996: Special topics in computer science, I and II (with adviser approval)*
   Any COMS W67xx course
   COMS E6998-E6999: Topics in computer science, I and II (with adviser approval)

Up to 6 points from the following list:
   COMS W3902: Undergraduate thesis*
   COMS W3998: Undergraduate projects in computer science*
   COMS W4901: Projects in computer science*

Up to 3 points from the following list:
   COMS W4111: Database systems
   COMS W4160: Computer graphics
   COMS W4170: User interface design
   COMS W4999: Computing and the humanities

*With adviser approval, may be repeated for credit

Note: No more than 6 points of project/thesis courses (COMS W3902, W3998, W4901) can count toward the major.