Undergraduate Double Major in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

Students satisfy all requirements for both majors, except for the seminar requirements. They are required to take both senior seminars, APMA E4903 and APPH E4903 (taking one in the junior year and one in the senior year, due to timing conflicts), but not the junior seminars, APMA E4901 and APPH E4901. A single foundational course may be used to fulfill a requirement in both majors. Students must maintain a GPA at or above 3.75, and must graduate with at least 143 points, 15 above the regular 128-point requirement. These extra 15 points should be technical electives appropriate for one or both majors.

To apply, a student first obtains the approval of both the general undergraduate Applied Physics adviser and the general undergraduate Applied Mathematics adviser, and then the approval of the Dean.