Undergraduate Minors

Undergraduate minors are designed to allow engineering and applied science students to study, to a limited extent, a discipline other than their major. Besides engineering minors offered by Columbia Engineering departments, liberal arts minors are available.

A minor requires at least 15 points of credit, and no more than one course can be taken outside of Columbia or met through AP or IB credit. This includes courses taken through study abroad. In Engineering departments with more than one major program, a minor in the second program may be permitted, if approved by the department.

No substitutions or changes of any kind from the approved minors are permitted (see lists below). No appeal for changes will be granted. Please note that the same courses may not be used to satisfy the requirements of more than one minor. No courses taken for pass/fail may be counted for a minor. Minimum GPA for the minor is 2.0. Departments outside the Engineering School have no responsibility for nonengineering minors offered by Engineering.

For a student to receive credit for a course taken while studying abroad, the department offering the minor must approve the course in writing, ahead of the student’s study abroad.

Students must expect a course load that is heavier than usual. In addition, unforeseen course scheduling changes, problems, and conflicts may occur. The School cannot guarantee a satisfactory completion of the minor.