Urban Teaching: New York State Initial Certification in Adolescence Education Grades 7–12 for Teachers of Mathematics and the Sciences or in Childhood Education Grades 1–6

Barnard College Education Program
335-336 Milbank Hall
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

The Barnard Education Program provides courses leading to certification to teach in New York State (with reciprocal agreements with 41 other states) at either the elementary or secondary level. Students gain experience and develop skills in urban school classrooms. Required coursework includes psychology and education, a practicum, and student teaching, totaling 23–26 points of credit depending on the level of certification sought.

Certification to teach mathematics requires 36 points in mathematics. Pure science courses required are: 36 points in the sciences, of which 18 must be in the area of the certification sought: chemistry, biology, physics, or Earth science.

Deadline for application, which includes an essay and letters of recommendation, is the first Monday in March of the student’s sophomore year. This allows program faculty to support students through program planning to ensure that students can meet the requirements for certification. However, when space allows, applications will be considered through the fall of the junior year. Applications from juniors are due no later than the first Monday in October. Students who plan to study abroad during the spring of their junior year should apply during the fall semester of their sophomore year. Students should decide on their interest in teacher certification by the end of the first year in order to start coursework in the sophomore year.