A. Required Nontechnical Courses

(16–18 points of credit)

These courses must be taken at Columbia.

  1. ENGL C1010: University writing (3 points)
  2. One of the following two-semester sequences:
    HUMA C1001-C1002: Masterpieces of Western literature and philosophy
    (All students registering for this course should be prepared to discuss books 1–12 of the Iliad on the first day of class.)
    or COCI C1101-C1102: Introduction to contemporary civilization in the West
    or Global Core: Any 2 courses from approved list (6-8 points)
  3. One of the following two courses:
    HUMA W1121: Masterpieces of Western art,
    HUMA W1123: Masterpieces of Western music (3 points)
  4. ECON W1105: Principles of economics
    (This course can be satisfied through Advanced Placement)
    Note: Engineering students may not take BC1003 Introduction to economic reasoning as a substitute for ECON W1105. (4 points)