Computer Engineering Program

Administered by both the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Departments through a joint Computer Engineering Committee. Student records are kept in the Electrical Engineering Department.

1300 S. W. Mudd, MC 4712
450 Computer Science
Phone: 212-854-3105


Charles A. Zukowski, 1026 CEPSR

Luca Carloni, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Stephen A. Edwards, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Martha A. Kim, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Vishal Misra, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Steven M. Nowick, Professor of Computer Science
Daniel Rubenstein, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Mingoo Seok, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Simha Sethumadhavan, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Kenneth L. Shepard, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Stephen H. Unger, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Charles A. Zukowski, Professor of Electrical Engineering
Gil Zussman, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

The computer engineering program is run jointly by the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments. It offers both B.S. and M.S. degrees.

The program covers some of engineering’s most active, exciting, and critical areas, which lie at the interface between CS and EE. The focus of the major is on computer systems involving both digital hardware and software.

Some of the key topics covered are computer design (i.e., computer architecture); embedded systems (i.e., the design of dedicated hardware/software for cell phones, automobiles, robots, games, and aerospace); digital and VLSI circuit design; computer networks; design automation (i.e., CAD); and parallel and distributed systems (including architectures, programming, and compilers).

The undergraduate major includes one substantial senior design course, either designing an entire microprocessor (EECS E4340), or an embedded system (CSEE W4840) (including both software and hardware components), or providing hands-on experience in designing and using a computer network (CSEE W4140).

Students in the programs have two “home” departments. The Electrical Engineering Department maintains student records and coordinates advising appointments.