Joint Programs

The 4-1 Program at Columbia College

Students who are admitted as first-year students to Columbia Engineering, and subsequently complete the four-year program for the Bachelor of Science degree, have the opportunity to apply for admission to either Columbia College or Barnard College and, after one additional year of study, receive the Bachelor of Arts degree. The fifth year of begins in the fall semester, and students are required to complete two full-time semesters in the College totaling at least 31 points.

The program is selective, and admission is based on the following factors: granting of the B.S. at Columbia Engineering at the end of the fourth year; fulfillment of all College Core requirements by the end of the fourth year at the School; a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the College Core and other courses; and the successful completion of any prerequisites for the College major or concentration. Students apply at the end of their junior year at the School; to be admitted to the program, the students need to have a plan in place to complete the College major or concentration by the end of their fifth year.

Interested students should contact their advising dean for further information.

School of International and Public Affairs

The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of International and Public Affairs offer a joint program enabling a small number of students to complete the requirements for the degrees of Bachelor of Science and Master of International Affairs in five years instead of six. Not only an excellent academic record but also maturity, fluency in an appropriate foreign language, and pertinent experience will determine admission to this program. For more information, please contact your advising dean.