Combined Plan Programs

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Columbia Engineering maintains cooperative program relationships with institutions nationwide and with other Columbia University undergraduate divisions. The Combined Plan programs (3-2 and 4-2) allow students to receive a degree both in the liberal arts and in engineering. Combined Plan students complete the requirements for the liberal arts degree along with required prerequisite course work for their studies in engineering during the three or four years at their liberal arts college before entering the School of Engineering and Applied Science. They then must complete all the requirements for the B.S. degree within four semesters.

The Combined Plan Program within Columbia University

Under this plan, the pre-engineering student studies in Columbia College, Barnard College, or the School of General Studies for three or four years, then attends The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science for two years, and is awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree and the Bachelor of Science degree in engineering upon completion of the fifth or sixth year. This program is optional at Columbia, but the School recommends it to all students who wish greater enrichment in the liberal arts and pure sciences.