Key to Course Listings

This section contains a description of the curriculum of each department in the School, along with information regarding undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, elective courses, and suggestions about courses and programs in related fields. All courses are listed, whether or not they are being offered during the current year; if a course is not being given, that is indicated. Included as well are courses cross-listed with other departments and undergraduate divisions within the University.


Each course is preceded by a four-letter designator, which indicates the department or departments presenting the course.

Course Designator Department Subject
´╗┐AHIS Art History
AMCS Applied Math and Computer Science
AMST American Studies
ANTH Anthropology
APAM Applied Physics and Applied Math
APBM Applied Physics and Biomedical Engineering
APCH Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering
APMA Applied Mathematics
APPH Applied Physics
ARCH Architecture
ASCE Asian Civilizations: East Asian
ASCM Asian Civilizations: Middle East
ASTR Astronomy
BIOC Biology and Chemistry
BIOL Biology
BIST Biostatistics
BMCH Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
BMCS Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science
BMEB Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Biology
BMEE Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering
BMEN Biomedical Engineering
BMME Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
BUSI Business
CBMF Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics
CEEM Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
CEOR Civil Engineering and Operations Research
CHAP Chemical Engineering and Applied Physics and Applied Math
CHBM Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
CHCB Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science
CHEE Chemical Engineering and Earth and Environmental Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CHEN Chemical Engineering
CHNS Chinese
CIEE Civil Engineering and Earth and Environmental Engineering
CIEN Civil Engineering
CLPS Comparative Literature and Society and Psychoanalytic Center
CMBS Cellular, Molecular, and Biophysical Studies
COCI Contemporary Civilization
COMS Computer Science
COSA Computer Science, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Statistics, and Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
CSEE Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
CSEN Computer Science and English
CSOR Computer Science and Operations Research
DNCE Dance
DRAN Decision, Risk, and Operations
DROM Decision, Risk, and Operations Management
EACE Earth and Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering
EACH Earth and Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering
EAEE Earth and Environmental Engineering
EAIA Earth and Environmental Engineering and International and Public Affairs
ECBM Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering
ECIA Earth and Environmental and Civil Engineering and International and Public Affairs
ECIE Economics and Industrial Engineering
ECON Economics
EEBM Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
EECS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EEEL Earth and Environmental Engineering and Electrical Engineering
EEHS Electrical Engineering and History
EEME Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
EEOR Electrical Engineering and Operations Research
EESC Earth and Environmental Sciences
EHSC Environmental Health Sciences
ELEN Electrical Engineering
ENGI Engineering
ENGL English
EMME Engineering Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
ENME Engineering Mechanics
FINC Finance
FREN French
GERM German
GRAP Graphics
HIST History
HSAM History and Applied Mathematics
HUMA Humanities
HUNG Hungarian
IEME Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
IEOR Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
INAF International Affairs
INTA Earth and Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, and International and Public Affairs
LING Linguistics
MATH Mathematics
MEBM Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
MECE Mechanical Engineering
MECH Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering
MECS Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
MEEM Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
MEIE Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering
MSAE Materials Science and Engineering
MSIE Management Science and Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
MUSI Music
ORCS Operations Research and Computer Science
PHED Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
PLAN Planning
POLS Political Science
PSLG Physiology
PSYC Psychology
RELI Religion
SCNC Science
SIEO Statistics and Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
SOCI Sociology
SPAN Spanish
STAT Statistics
STCS Statistics and Computer Science
URBS Urban Studies
VIAR Visual Arts


The course number that follows each designator consists of a capital letter followed by four digits. The capital letter indicates the University division or affiliate offering the course:

B Business
C Columbia College
E Engineering and Applied Science
G Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
P Mailman School of Public Health
S Summer Session
U International and Public Affairs
V Interschool course with Barnard
W Interfaculty course
Z American Language Program

 The first digit indicates the level of the course, as follows: 

0 Course that cannot be credited toward any degree
1 Undergraduate course
2 Undergraduate course, intermediate
3 Undergraduate course, advanced
4 Graduate course that is open to qualified undergraduates
6 Graduate course
8 Graduate course, advanced
9 Graduate research course or seminar

An x following the course number means that the course meets in the fall semester; y indicates the spring semester.


Room assignments, days and hours, and course changes for all courses are available online via the Directory of University Classes.

The School reserves the right to withdraw or modify the courses of instruction or to change the instructors at any time.