MSAE E3156 Design project. 3 points.

Prerequisites: Senior standing. Written permission from instructor and approval from adviser.

E3156: a design problem in materials science or metallurgical engineering selected jointly by the student and a professor in the department. The project requires research by the student, directed reading, and regular conferences with the professor in charge. E3157: completion of the research, directed reading, and conferences, culminating in a written report and an oral presentation to the department.

Fall 2016: MSAE E3156
Course Number Section/Call Number Times/Location Instructor Points Enrollment
MSAE 3157 001/15180  
James Im 3 4/35

MSAE E9259 Research topics in materials science and metallurgical engineering. 1 point.

Lect: 1.

Discussion of a group of technical papers related to a topic of current research interest.