Technical Course Requirements

The prescribed First Year–Sophomore Program curriculum requires students to complete a program of technical course work introducing them to five major areas of technical inquiry: engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science.

All first-year Engineering undergraduate students take ENGI E1102: The art of engineering (4 points). In this course, students see how their high school science and math knowledge can be applied in an engineering context to solve realworld
problems through classroom presentations and participation in an in-depth, hands-on project. Along the way, guest lecturers discuss social implications of technology, entrepreneurship, project management, and other important nontechnical issues affecting the practicing engineer.

While students need not officially commit to a particular branch of engineering until the third semester, most programs recommend, and in some cases may require, that particular courses be taken earlier for maximum efficiency in program planning. For information concerning these requirements, students should turn to the individual program sections in this bulletin.