Minor in Civil Engineering

1. CIEN E3121: Structural analysis (3)
    or ENME E3161: Fluid mechanics (4)
    or MECE E3100: Introduction to mechanics of fluids (3)

2. ENME E3105: Mechanics (4)

3. ENME E3113: Mechanics of solids (3)

4–6. Electives: Three of the following courses:
     CIEN E3000: The art of structural design (3)
     ENME E3161: Fluid mechanics (4)
     ENME E3114: Exp mechanics of materials (4)
     ENME E3332: A first course in finite elements (3)
     MECE E3414: Adv strength of materials (3)
     CIEN E3125: Structural design (3)
     CIEN E4241: Geotech engineering fundamentals (3)
     CIEE E3250: Hydrosystems engineering (3)
     CIEE E4163: Sustainable water treat/reuse (3)
     CIEN E3129: Project management for construction (3)
     CIEN E4131: Principles of construction tech (3)

Note: At least three of the courses must be courses that are not required in the student’s major.