Minor in Linguistics

1–3. Three of the following courses:
AMST UN3931: Topics in American Studies (languages of America/language contact) (3)
ENGL GU4901: History of the English language (3)
LING UN3101: Introduction to linguistics (3)
LING UN3102: Endangered languages in the global city (3)
LING UN3103: Language, brain, and mind (3)
LING GU4108: Language history (3)
LING GU4120: Language documentation and field methods (3)
LING GU4171: Languages of Africa (3)
LING GU4190: Discourse and pragmatics (3)
LING GU4376: Phonetics and phonology (3)
LING GU4800: Language and society (3)
LING GU4903: Syntax (3)


4–6. Three additional courses from either a) the core linguistics courses, or b) a linguistics-related course from another department subject to approval from the program. Courses previously approved include those listed below:

ANTH UN1009: Introduction to language and culture (3)
ANTH GU4042: Agent, person, subject, self (3)
ANTH GR6067: Language and its limits (3)
ANTH GR6125: Language, culture, and power (3)

CHNS GU4019: History of Chinese language (3)

Computer Science:
COMS W4705: Natural language processing (3)
COMS W4995: Topics in computer science (with approval) (3)
COMS E6998: Topics in computer science (with approval) (3)

Comparative language and society:
CLPS GU4111: World philology (3)

FREN BC3011: History of the French language (3)

HUNG UN3343: Descriptive grammar of Hungarian (3)

PHIL UN2685: Introduction to philosophy of language (3)
PHIL UN3411: Symbolic logic (3)
PHIL UN3685: Philosophy of language (3)
PHIL GU4490: Language and mind (3)

PSYC UN2215: Cognition and the brain (3)
PSYC UN2440: Language and the brain (3)
PSYC UN2450: Behavioral neuroscience (3)
PSYC BC3164: Perception and language (3)
PSYC UN3265: Auditory perception (seminar) (3)
PSYC BC3369: Language development (3)
PSYC GU4232: Production and perception of language (3)
PSYC GU4272: Advanced seminar in language development (3)

SOCI GU4030: Sociology of Language (3)

SPAN BC3382: Languages in contact: sociolinguistic aspects of U.S. Spanish (3)
SPAN GU4010: Language crossing in Latinx Caribbean culture production (3)
SPAN GU4030: Spanish pragmatics (3)
SPAN GR5450: A cognitive linguistics account of language (3)